How to Plan a Casino Day Trip

If you spend hours a day playing against people online, then perhaps you might want to consider a day trip to a casino. Many casinos have great deals from free play to transportation for you or a group. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that a group of you want to have a memory to think back on when a “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” commerical comes on. Depending on the option you choose from below it can be be a free or chartering a bus.

Do a quick survey of the number of people interested in going to the casino(s). Regardless of whether you choose to charter a bus or have the casino pick you up, it is best to have an idea of how many will be travelling in your group. The perks are best for large groups of 54.

Research the casino(s) you would like to go to: Every casino has a different ambiance. Some are laid back, while others are much more formal. There are also some that have table games, and others with the full table of slots, table games, and tournaments. 1. What location? Is there one near your home or is Vegas or Atlantic City within reason.2. Do they pick up or will you need to charter a bus?3. Is it overnight or just a day trip?4. What are they offering? ($20 in free play and a buffet for each person, for example)

Decide if this is a fundraiser: If it is a fundraiser: How much do you want to raise? What is that amount divided by the number of people going? Add a little extra to each because inevitably people will drop out.

Plan and book the date: Weekends are best, but it will cost you more to charter a bus. Weekends are only great because people are not working, but if there is a way to get your group there on a Tuesday, for instance, the casino might be more inclined to give you perks up to and including a bus.

Plan the transportation: Please know that if you are chartering a bus that it will be costly, and there will be stops due to laws. 1. Where will you pick the group up and return them to: Some locations charge a fee to use it, so check.2. Will there be stops?3. Can the Casino do a Pick-up?

Take reservations: If the group is young, you might consider using an online system that collects Credit Cards or PayPal. They may charge a small fee, but it saves tons of time.

How to Win At Casino Gambling Using The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the Law of the Universe that states that what you think about and focus on is what you will physically manifest in your life.

So, now for the big question. Can you use it to win at Casino Gambling?

The answer is absolutely! As long as you are vibrating in the right place mentally while you are playing.

The next few steps will show you how you can increase your winning hands and hit more jackpots by having a more positive attitude.

Don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. While this might sound like simple common sense, it is especially true when using the Law of Attraction. If you are playing with rent or bill money then you are playing with scared or guilt money! Playing with scared money will put you in a negative vibrational place right from the start and will make it much more difficult to draw more money to you.

Start a JACKPOT Jar. (Make sure you write Jackpot Jar on it in big colorful letters by the way, so you continually get the subliminal positive message that the money in the jar is specifically designated for “jackpots”). Throw a couple of extra dollars in there each week (along with all your spare change) until you have the amount you want to bring to the casino. This way, the pressure and guilt is off about playing with this money and you will feel more positive and relaxed while playing with it.

Visualize Winning Before You Go. Spend as much mental time as you can before you go imagining what it will look like and feel like to win. Imagine being dealt your dream hand and how exciting it is. Imagine counting a huge wad of money on your trip home.

If you have a hard time picturing yourself winning a huge jackpot at first, then start small mentally. Say to yourself “First I will win $100 here and then I will take it and win $400 there. I will be feeling so lucky! Then I will go for the big prize because there will be no stopping me!” Doing this in advance will have you walking into the casino excited and expectant before you have even started playing.

When You Get To The Casino – Watch Your Words. While negative thoughts can effect your energy (and therefore your winning) those thoughts spoken aloud can be 10 times more powerful. Avoid falling into typical “casino talk” such as: “How much are you down?”, “How much money do you have left?”, “Nobody seems to be hitting today” (or the opposite)”Everybody seems to be hitting today except me.” “I’m never lucky in this place.” “I can’t get any play.” “I can’t seem to do anything” “I hate this place” and then of coarse the ultimate “This place Sucks!”

Replace those words with more positive statements such as “My winning machine is calling to me right now, I just have to listen.”, “My jackpot is waiting for me here somewhere and I am going to find it.”, “The right machine is going to jump right out at me.”, “I love coming here, I always have such a good time!”

Truly Enjoy The Game While You Are Playing. Stop focusing on the credits that are going in and out or the amount of chips left on the table and bring your focus back to the enjoyment of the game itself. Get yourself deliberately excited over something as little as a pair of 2’s that are dealt to you, wondering how cool it would be to draw another one –possibly even two more of them! Yeah! Keep the game upbeat and enjoy it.

Switch Up Your Game. Did you ever wonder why “beginners luck” occurs so often? I firmly believe it is because a person who doesn’t know how a game is played, can’t have any negative thoughts or resistance associated with it. If you feel you are not having any luck at your usual game of choice, go play a game you have no clue about. I can’t tell you how many times I have won money and didn’t even know what I hit or did to get it. What fun! Then I take the winnings from that and go back to my usual game with a whole new winning vibration.

Go on a Good Luck Charm Treasure Hunt. So, do good luck charms really work? We are talking about the Law of Attraction here, so obviously they will work if you believe they will. Does it have to be a certain charm? Not at all. My mother and I have been going to Atlantic City together for years. One of our favorite things to do when things are going slow is go on a Good Luck Charm Treasure hunt.

We will pick up the white cards people leave behind after winning jackpots because they already have winning associated with them. Sometimes we will use miscelleneous swizzle sticks, a few times we even used Kilroy (the little guy to the left over there). We draw Kilroy on a little piece of paper, put him on the top of our machine and have a ball with him. We rub his little bald head before hitting the play button, or else turn him over and make him face the wall when he doesn’t “come through”. We end up having such a good time and so many laughs, that winning comes easily simply because we are being happy and positive instead of tense and frustrated.

If You Can’t Change Your Negative Vibe – Walk Away For Awhile. Sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t shake a losing attitude. If you find this happening to you it is time for a little mental distraction. You know the saying “No sense in throwing away good money after bad”. If you are lucky enough to have a hotel room go there for awhile. Rent a $10.00 comedy on the television (believe me you would lose a lot more than that if you kept playing negatively for 2 hours on the casino floor) and lighten your mood.

Maybe go window shopping in the Casino mall, listen to the live band playing in the lounge, go for a walk on the boardwalk or the strip. Go get yourself a great snack or meal you would normally not eat at home. Up your vibration, feel better and then go back and play. Again, it is all about vibration.

Be Grateful. Personally I have found that nothing helps me win more than constant gratefulness while I am playing. If I win even as little as 5 coins I will say “Thank you Universe and more of that please!” I purposely get myself excited and purposely make myself feel more abundant. I also make a concentrated effort to appreciate every thing around me. I am grateful for the air conditioned casino in the summertime. The fun sounds and lights I am surrounded by. The free drinks. The shouts of people winning at the craps table across the casino (I love hearing the excited sounds of others winning! It boosts my spirits and makes me want to win even more, so I can share in the excitement.) I enjoy the company of the people I go down to the casino with, the food in all the restaurants, the clean hotel room.

The most effective way in the world to have Universe bring you more of what you want is to be already intensely grateful for what you already have.

What Is a Casino Marker?

Casino markers are lines of credit that allow high-level gambling patrons easy access to large sums of cash. Candidates for a marker must apply to the casino credit department where the patron’s financial worthiness is examined and final line of credit determined. Casino markers are short-term, interest-free loans. However, repayment must be prompt or the patron faces high interest fees and possible criminal charges.


Casino markers allow patrons the ability to access a line of interest-free credit for quick and easy access to large sums of cash. Many gamblers prefer taking cash from a marker as a convenient and attractive alternative to carrying large sums of money in and out of a casino.


Casino patrons use markers to avoid paying fees for automatic teller machine and credit card cash advances. The borrowed money is interest free and payment isn’t due for 15 days to 30 days, depending on the amount and the casino’s credit policy. Markers generally start at $500 and rise at the casino’s discretion.

Time Frame

Patrons seeking a credit line must fill out an application requiring financial and banking information that is provided to credit card companies. Patrons have the ability to submit the information online or via mail and should do so approximately two weeks before their visit to the casino. Casino staff determines the patron’s credit risk, examines the patron’s ability to pay and approves the credit line amount. The decision takes about one week.


Once approved for casino markers, patrons inform staff of their intention to use the credit line when they are seated at a table game. The table games supervisor accesses the patron’s information via computer and fills out the proper paperwork. The patron signs the paperwork and is given the appropriate amount of credit in chips. A receipt is given to the patron to use when paying off the marker. It is customary for patrons to pay back the marker before leaving the casino if they have enjoyed a winning session.


Many patrons believe obtaining casino credit is easy, particularly in Las Vegas. However, according to gaming expert Frank Scoblete, casinos in Atlantic City require in-depth financial information including a patron’s net worth. Many people also believe a marker is totally interest-free. But, interest charges of 18 percent and higher are charged if full payment is not received within the agreed time frame.


Failure to pay a casino marker is a serious offense. In major gambling cities, such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, failure to pay markers is considered a felony. Patrons who cannot pay markers within the specified time frame should contact the casino credit department. The casino will work with the patron to fashion a payment plan, with interest charges, rather than file criminal charges.

How to Invest in an Online Casino

Online casinos provide all the thrill of an established casino, but from the comfort of your own home or favorite WiFi hot spot. With all of the readily accessible online investing tools, there are a variety of ways to invest in your favorite online casino and immediately begin gambling in a whole new way. Recently, online gambling has moved right in on the forefront of profitable trading and has been warmly welcomed by the investing community.

Consult with your favorite stock research source and narrow your favorite online casino(s) in which to invest. Refer to the resources section for a few suggestions on where to get started with the search.

Decide how you want to purchase your shares of stock. If you don’t have a broker, consider signing up for one of the various self-service sites that let you purchase, sell, and trade stock online. Make sure to choose a website that aligns with your current payment processing options.

Purchase your preferred online gaming stock(s) and continue to monitor as needed.

Louisiana Gambling Laws

Louisiana is known across the world for its good food, celebrations and music, but in the South, Louisiana is known for its gambling. People come from all over the Southeast to wine and dine in casino restaurants and to gamble on riverboats. Louisiana allows nearly all forms of gambling and is adjacent to Arkansas and Texas, which do not permit gambling. To participate in the lottery and parimutuel horse betting you must be 18 years old. To gamble in a casino or on a video poker game, you must be 21.

Casinos and Racetracks

Riverboat casinos are legal in Louisiana. These casinos range from small boats to extravagant Las Vegas-style resorts, where only the casino is in the water. The term “riverboat” has come to mean anything floating in the water, so many casinos consist of large buildings on anchored barges right next to shore. On Indian tribal land, land-based casinos are legal if approved by the tribe and licensed by the state. Casino games or card games with a house rake are illegal if not in the water or on Native American lands.

Video Poker

Video poker is a prevalent form of legal gambling in Louisiana. All casinos and racetracks have video poker machines, but so do restaurants, gas stations, bars and truck stops. In Louisiana, having a liquor license allows you up to three video gaming machines. Truck stop casinos can attain more machines depending on the amount of fuel they sell.


The Louisiana Lottery started in 1991, following the passage of legislation approving it. In 2003, Louisiana citizens voted to use the lottery proceeds for improving Louisiana's educational system. The Louisiana Lottery sells numbers drawings, Power-ball and scratch-off tickets.

Horse Racing

Quarter-horse racetracks are legal, but only for horse races; racing dogs is illegal in Louisiana. The only legal wagering on horse races is parimutuel betting, a system in which the odds and outcome change depending on the number and amount of bets on each horse. Racetracks may also feature video poker and slots, but not table games since that is part of casino gambling (and illegal on land).

Charitable and Social Gambling

Recreational or social gambling such as pool games, personal bets or betting on sports is legal as long as nobody takes a cut or fee from the transaction (besides the rightful winner). Raffles, bingo, keno and other gambling events are legal if operated for charitable fund-raising causes. Louisiana has a law strictly prohibiting its citizens from participating in online gambling. In 2008, Louisiana was the last state to prohibit cockfighting, a heavily gambled-on game.